Payment Plans and Dental Finance

One of the major concerns about having modern dentistry are the costs involved. Dentistry performed at a high standard is not inexpensive, and some patients are putting off treatment due to cost of living pressures. Some procedures can be left for a period of time, however there are many dental conditions that if left only become more damaging to the patients health. Deteriorating dental problems can get more complicated and more costly the longer they are left.


To give further assistance to our patients we have organised payment plan options

Mac Credit Maroubra


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It will obviously be more cost effective to fully pay ones treatment outright, however for most of us, having smaller regular repayments can lighten the financial burden of juggling our day to day payments. Utilising Mac Credit or Denticare payment plans could allow many people to have the best care without having to wait until its financially viable. We hope this option allows our patients to be able to have treatment when they need and want it, rather than being forced to delay until it’s too late.

If you would like to take advantage of this option, please feel free to discuss it with our practice manager Ally Hayward.

You can call us on (02) 9349 2296 or visit us at Office 5, Level 1/822 Anzac Parade, Maroubra NSW 2035.

A Cantilever Bridge Solution

Resin Cantilever Bridge Maroubra

This patient presented with a Resin Cantilever Bridge that I had provided him with 7-8 years ago. 

 Tooth Fracture Maroubra

It had been in place without incident until a football injury fractured the connection. You can see the fracture in the circled area.

 Cantilever Bridge Solution at Dental Serenity Maroubra

Hidden Damage to Supporting Tooth

The fake tooth, referred to as a pontic, was cut off revealing hidden damage to the supporting tooth.


There were options such as placing an implant in the space and restoring the molar with white resin filling. However the implant surgery was going to be complicated which was not desirable to the patient. Considering the length of time that the resin lasted without incident, we opted for another cantilever bridge, but stronger in design and material

Dental Serenity Maroubra Cantilever Bridge Solution

The tooth was prepared for a full coverage crown as conservatively as possible. An impression was taken and sent to our laboratory, in this case Davis Advanced Dental Prosthetics. A temporary bridge was constructed and cemented in place for two weeks.


Prettau Zirconia Cantilever Bridge in Maroubra

The tooth was restored with a Prettau Zirconia Cantilever Bridge, which was then permanently cemented in place. This allowed us to replace the missing tooth, repair the damaged molar and improve both the shape and aesthetics of the area. Zirconia is much stronger than composite resin and is biocompatible to the gum tissue it is in contact with. The polished surface helps with future health as plaque is not as prone to stick to it, thus the bridge is likely to last for many years. As you can see the patient is very happy with the result!

Maroubra Prettau Zirconia Cantilever Bridge

For more information, please speak to our friendly dental team on (02) 9349 2296 or visit us at Office 5, Level 1/822 Anzac Parade, Maroubra NSW 2035.