Mini Dental Implants In Maroubra

Dental Implants In Maroubra

What Are Mini Dental Implants?

Although similar to a standard dental implant, a mini dental implant is much narrower and is approximately 1.8mm in diameter. In comparison, regular dental implants are between 3.4 mm and 5.8 mm wide. While the implant is narrower, the length of the implant post is similar for both mini dental implants and regular implants. Unlike regular dental implants that are formed of two separate parts, mini dental implants are made from a single structure incorporating the post and the abutment. Mini dental implants are able to support most teeth and are very useful for replacing teeth where space is tight, for example small lower incisors. They can also be used to secure loose dentures. If your mini dental implant is used to support a denture it will be designed to snap directly onto the exposed part of the implant resulting in a completely reliable system allowing you to speak and eat with confidence.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Mini Dental Implants?

Conventional dental implants usually require an incision into the gum tissue to expose the underlying bone but with mini dental implants, we can insert the implant straight through the gum tissue and into the bone. There is no need to make a large incision into your gums. Used in certain cases, these implants have proven to function with success rates as high as regular implants, while preserving as much of your natural bone structure as possible. This helps to ensure faster and more comfortable healing. Due to the smaller implant size, we are able to minimise the surgical site and lessen post-operative discomfort, often patients enjoy a light meal just hours after the implant procedure. Other benefits of mini dental implants include:

  • Smaller surgical site
  • Improved confidence
  • Stability during speech and eating
  • Increased preservation of your jaw bone
  • Denture stabilisation
  • Lower fees than standard implant treatment

There are few disadvantages to having this treatment but mini dental implants can only be placed in areas where a tooth has been missing for several months and where healing is complete after tooth loss or extraction. There needs to be a minimum thickness of bone available and any bone grafting must be completed before surgery. With a mini implant, it isn’t possible to place a bone graft at the same time as the implant which is sometimes the case with a conventional implant. The reason for this is due to the shape and design of mini implants. Unlike a conventional implant, a mini implant cannot be buried beneath the gums during healing to protect it and the bone graft. Instead, the integral abutment will protrude above the gums after insertion and must be surrounded by healthy bone to prevent movement and implant failure. Following your implant procedure, it is important to remember that maintaining your oral health is essential. Even though your implant is titanium and your replacement teeth are prosthetic, your surrounding teeth and gums are still prone to the effects of decay or gum disease.

Will My Teeth Look Natural after Mini Dental Implants?

Here at the Dental Serenity we make every effort to ensure implant teeth look and feel as natural as possible. After having mini dental implants, you should find your new teeth feel very comfortable, allowing you to eat, smile and talk with confidence.

Most people are suitable candidates for a dental implant however; there may be some situations where we will need to recommend other tooth replacement options. If you would like to know more about dental implants and how they may help you, please contact us for a detailed consultation and assessment. You can call us on (02) 9349 2296 or visit us at Office 5, Level 1/822 Anzac Parade, Maroubra NSW 2035.