Temporary Veneers in Maroubra

What are Temporary Veneers?

If you choose to have porcelain veneers then our dentist here at Dental Serenity will need to prepare your teeth. While your porcelain veneers are being made, we will fit temporary veneers to protect your prepared teeth against unwanted tooth sensitivity. Your temporary veneers will be made from composite resin and will also restore appearance. It is possible our dentist will make your temporary veneers using a diagnostic wax-up model as a template. This model can be made when planning multiple veneers and will provide you with an idea as to how your new teeth will look. Creating your temporary veneers using this model will allow you to ‘trial’ your new teeth so you can live with them for a few days and can get the opinions of those closest to you. Any adjustments can then be made to the diagnostic wax-up before it is used to create your permanent porcelain veneers.

How Long Can I Safely Wear Temporary Veneers?

These veneers are only really designed to be safely worn for a few weeks, ideally while your new veneers are being made. You should not plan to wear your temporary veneers for any longer as they are not designed to offer the same protection as permanent veneers and can easily chip and crack.

What Foods Can I Eat If I Have Temporary Veneers?

Your temporary veneers will not be very strong as they are only meant to protect your teeth for a short while. Ideally, avoid eating foods that require biting such as apples or very chewy foods that could dislodge your veneers. However, you can cut up harder foods so you can chew them using your back teeth. We can give you lots more advice when we fit your temporary veneers.

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