Snoring Treatment in Maroubra

What Causes Snoring?

Everyone will snore occasionally, but regular snoring interspersed with pauses in breath can indicate a more serious problem called sleep apnoea. Sufferers will stop breathing for several seconds before breathing restarts, often with a loud gasp that partially reawakens them and this can occur hundreds of times a night. As a result, people with sleep apnoea will often feel drowsy during the daytime due to interrupted sleep. Untreated sleep apnoea is caused by the throat muscles relaxing during sleep, allowing the airway to collapse inwards while the tongue can also fall backwards towards the throat.

Who Is More Likely to Snore?

Risk factors for sleep apnoea include being overweight or drinking heavily but it can also be caused by abnormally large tonsils. Other factors that increase the risk of this sleep disorder include gastro-oesophageal reflux, being male or being over the age of 40. It is important to get a proper diagnosis for sleep apnoea as it can affect general health.

How Do You Treat Snoring?

Here at Dental Serenity our dentists in Maroubra can often treat mild to moderate sleep apnoea with a custom-made night splint. This is a comfortable device that will fit over your teeth, pulling your lower jaw slightly forward which helps to open up your airway and prevents the tongue from falling backwards during sleep. A night splint can be very effective, especially when combined with appropriate lifestyle changes, for example making sure your weight is within the normal range. It can also help to abstain from drinking alcohol or caffeinated drinks before bedtime.

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