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Composite White Fillings

Composite White Fillings

If you have unsightly amalgam fillings and you are looking to improve the presentation of your smile, a tooth coloured filling may be for you.

Composite white fillings or tooth coloured fillings are ideal for small to medium restorations, including the repair of minor chips or fractures. This restorative option is hard wearing and is bonded to your tooth to create a natural and invisible filling.

This bonding technique is popular because it can be completed in a single visit, closing gaps between teeth, repairing chips and covering spots and discolorations, allowing you to leave our practice with a brand new smile. The composite, tooth coloured filling is made of acrylic resins impregnated with glass-like particles that come in a paste-like consistency, it is then moulded to the natural shape of the tooth, cured with a blue light and polished to a translucent shine.

Although this type of restoration can offer an excellent aesthetic outcome, it’s not suitable for larger applications. In this situation, a ceramic option is best suited, due to its ability to withstand the extreme forces of biting and chewing pressure.