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Implant Supported Dentures

Implant Supported Dentures

Sometimes a fixed solution is just not an option, either due to the amount of bone available, or the finances of the patient.

Loose dentures can be secured better by having some implants placed to give a connector to a denture. This is most common with lower dentures which typically have less suction than an upper denture. Placing two implants in the lower jaw can make a major difference to many denture patients’ lives. In fact, the original use for dental implants was for this very treatment.

It’s also possible to place some implants in the upper jaw to hold a removable upper denture. If enough are placed, a denture designed to not cover the palate can be made, which a lot of patients prefer over the full cover acrylic dentures they wore before.

Having well secured dentures aid eating with confidence, and also give the ability to remove the appliance and clean the implants underneath.