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Oral Health & Smoking

Oral Health & Smoking

Most of us are aware that smoking is hazardous to our health but many do not know that smoking can adversely affect the teeth and gums.

Most people think that the biggest dental problems are caused by decay; in reality smoking can significantly affect your teeth and gums.

Here are some of the effects of smoking on dental health:

  • Smoking leads to discoloration of the teeth.
  • Smoking reduces the flow of saliva which cleanses the gum tissues and teeth.
  • The roof of the mouth (palate) becomes inflamed, and turns red in colour.
  • Infected gums are often delayed in healing as smoking reduces the blood flow to the gums and also diminishes the supply of vital nutrients.
  • Smoking causes chronic bad breath.
  • Smoking is also found to cause loss of teeth.
  • Increase risk of cancer of the mouth.
  • Higher failure rate of implants
  • Difficulty with management of diabetes & strokes
  • Brown tooth stains are caused by nicotine and tar, the major ingredients of cigarettes.

To protect yourself from a host of dental problems, you should quit smoking. Without giving up smoking, any kind of treatment for your dental problems will be difficult, and maintaining oral health will be virtually impossible.

Tooth loss can impact your life to a great extent. Your confidence, appearance and lifestyle will also be affected. Hence, allow us to help you quit smoking and begin to enjoy the smooth and fresh feeling of clean teeth and a clean mouth.