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A denture is a removable option to replace missing teeth. It is usually made out of acrylic and may incorporate metal for additional strength and comfort. A denture is fitted with artificial teeth, of which can be fabricated to closely resemble your natural teeth.

Dentures are defined as partial or full. Partial dentures are intended to replace a small number of teeth, and help prevent existing healthy natural teeth from shifting in position; full dentures replace an entire set of teeth in the upper or lower jaw.

Dentures should be cared for with diligence; this means daily brushing and regular visits for checks and minor adjustments as unclean or ill-fitting denture can be the cause of infections and irritations. By keeping your dentures in an excellent condition you can also help keep the soft tissues of your mouth healthy.

It is important to remember that your mouth will undergo changes regularly. Your gums will change size and shape and if you have had a series of extractions your gums and bone structure will recede quite dramatically. You must remember to periodically visit us to have your denture relined or adjusted.

In some situations dentures may even improve the look of your smile and help to improve the appearance of your lips, face and profile.